Where have all the bands gone? Well, he’s in one

Tout sur les Beatles

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The Maroon 5 singer ruffled feathers with comments about the decline of groups, but going it alone is easier and cheaper

Adam Levine, frontman of Maroon 5 – and let’s face it, if “name any member of Maroon 5” were a question on the final round of Pointless, you’d be forced to say Adam Levine three times and watch the prize money disappear before your eyes – has been talking to Zane Lowe of Apple Music about his nostalgia for bands.

Levine said he felt as if bands were “a dying breed” and that he wished there were more of them. “It’s funny, when the first Maroon 5 album came out there were still other bands. I feel like there aren’t any bands any more, you know?” he said.

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