Three things with Zan Rowe: ‘I never washed my Take That T-shirt … then it started to smell’

Tout sur les Beatles

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In our weekly interview about objects, the Take 5 host tells us about the time she made Paul McCartney sign her record and her teenage music obsessions

This month one of the ABC’s best-loved radio segments is making the jump to the small screen. Take 5, the Double J mainstay hosted by Zan Rowe every Friday morning, will air five episodes on ABC TV throughout September and October. As she does in the booth, Rowe will ask her guests to share five songs they love – and the memories attached to them – for an intimate look at the music that has shaped their lives. The lineup includes Guy Pearce speaking about losing his father at a young age, country star Keith Urban sharing his perhaps-unexpected love of electronica, and Tori Amos discussing her fight to be heard as a woman in music.

Over the years, hundreds of musical heroes have stopped by the ABC studios to appear on Take 5. One of them was the Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney. Here, Rowe tells us about nabbing his autograph, plus the story of two other important personal belongings.

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