Directors are turning to streaming to fulfil their epic visions – and avoid ‘bum ache’

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Ridley Scott has reluctantly trimmed Napoleon, while Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon is taking flak for its long running time. But streaming services can provide a safe haven

The bladder police have come for Ridley Scott. The veteran film-maker is about to release his epic Napoleon, starring Joaquin Phoenix as the military genius and emperor of France, which will reignite the ever-smouldering debate about lengthy running times v expansive directorial vision.

In a recent interview Scott has confessed that the “bum ache factor” has meant that he has curtailed Napoleon’s running time in cinemas (to two hours and 38 minutes) but he plans to release the full, unexpurgated version on a streaming service, in an edit that could run to more than four hours.

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