Paul McCartney Drops Remastered 1997 ‘Beautiful Night’ Music Video with Ringo Starr

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Paul McCartney previously said that recording the song with Ringo Starr was instantly “just like the old days”

Paul McCartney
& is throwing it back to a hit collaboration with one of his former& Beatles& cohorts.

On Friday, the artist, 78, released the remastered music video for “Beautiful Night” that was originally shot 23 years ago back in 1997. The song marked one of the first tracks on which McCartney teamed up with Ringo Starr, who supplied drums, after the Beatles era.

Added McCartney: “I had this song ‘Beautiful Night’ which I’d written quite a few years ago. I’d always liked it but I felt I didn’t quite have the right version of it. So I got this song out for when Ringo was coming in, and right away it was just like the old days.”

“Beautiful Night” was included on McCartney’s 1997 album Flaming Pie. The remastered edition is part of a newly released EP that also features a 1995 demo of the song, an alternate “Run Through” recording, and “Oobu Joobu Part 5” — a medley of “Beautiful Night”-themed chat, alternate mixes and interview recordings of McCartney and Starr discussing the song.

McCartney said working with Starr is “always a great thing,” according to British GQ.

“It’s always worthwhile. It’s always fun,” he said. “In 2019 when I finished touring in Los Angeles, Ringo got up onstage and we were doing ‘Helter Skelter’ together. And he’s drumming away and I’m singing facing front because I was on the mic. But when I wasn’t on the mic, in the solo breaks and stuff, I really made a point of turning round and watching this guy drum.”

“And I’m thinking, ‘My God, you know the memories across this 10-yard gap here, him on the drums and me on the bass, the lifetime that’s going on here,'” he continued. “So, you know, it’s a sort of magic. And he and I these days get quite emotional about it, because we should. We ought to. It’s a bloody emotional thing, the years, if nothing else.”