Molly Sims’ son Brooks dresses as a Beatle complete with Wig, Suit, Tie and Guitar as he heads to school on Halloween

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Neither mom nor son were alive during the Beatles musical reign which was from 1960 until 1970.

But that didn’t stop Molly Sim’s son Brooks from dressing up as a member of the popular British based band for Halloween on Thursday.

The child was seen with a black wig on a proper black suit as he carried a guitar to reflect one of the band members during their early days of fame.

The supermodel looked stylish as she escorted her son to school, dressed in an oversize, black sweater. Molly paired her outerwear with a set of light wash jeans and slides.

The pretty blonde wore minimal make-up, and pushed her blond hair back with a trendy headband.

Brooks, seven, looked like Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison all in one.

Just one day prior, Molly shared a snap of her three beautiful children, dressed in Hanna Andersson bat pajamas. The star shares her little ones with husband Scott Stuber, 50, who’s an executive at Netflix.

Brooks sat next to sister Scarlett, four, who sat next to the family pup. Youngest son Grey, two, shared a sweet smile like his siblings.

‘Well… at least we tried. Happy Halloween Eve everyone,’ she wrote.

Spot on: Brooks looked like Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon and George Harrison all in one. Here the band is seen in 1963

Molly began her Hollywood career as a model in 1993.

She then expanded her resume to include acting and hosting gigs, and appeared in various TV and film projects including Las Vegas and The Pink Panther 2 and The Carrie Diaries, among others.

Now, Molly spends her time working as a mom and social media influencer, and runs her Youtube Channel, which bears her namesake.

During a Q&A on her channel, a fan asked the star how she ages gracefully. The star noted that being happy was a huge part of it.

‘Sometimes you have to even kind of change your language with yourself “I have to go pick up the kids from school [to] I get to go pick up the kids from school. I have to clean the house [to] I get to clean the house,”‘ she began.

‘I know it sounds weird but just that change in verbiage…makes a difference in aging gracefully.’