John Lennon’s First Girlfriend Talks About His Sex Drive

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John’s early girlfriend Thelma Pickles -“He certainly didn’t have a romantic attitude to sex”. “He used to say that sex was equivalent to a five-mile run, which I’d never heard before. He had a very disparaging attitude to girls who wanted to be involved with him but wouldn’t have sex with him.

“They’re edge-of-the-bed virgins,” he said. I said: “What does that mean?” He said: “They get you to the edge of the bed and they’ll not complete the act.” He hated that. So if you weren’t going to go to bed with him, you had to make damned sure you weren’t going to go to the edge of the bed, either. If you did, he’d get very angry. If you were prepared to go to his bedroom, which was above the front porch, and start embarking on necking and holding hands, and you weren’t prepared to sleep with him, then he didn’t want to know you. You didn’t do it. It wasn’t worth losing his friendship. So if you said “No” that was OK. He’d then play his guitar or an Everly Brothers record. Or we’d go to the pictures. He would try to persuade you to sleep with him, though. He was no different from any young bloke expect that if you led him on and gave him the impression you would embark on any kind of sexual activity and then didn’t, he’d be very abusive. It was entirely lust.”

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